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Content Management (CMS)
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Content Management (CMS)

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Some questions often asked are:

  • Can I modify the content of my website?
  • Can I add content to my website?
  • Can I remove content from my website?

Well, we can answer this question with a firm YES. We can provide you with a content management system, which can give you control over the information displayed on your website. The content management system has been developed by us and is constantly being revised to make sure it remains up-to-date.

The main feature of our content management system is that it can be completely tailor made to suit your company's requirements, meaning that no two systems are the same.

Being able to update your website yourself means that your content will not become outdated and its ever changing nature means that your customers will keep coming back to see what is happening within your company.

If you are wondering what the content management can produce, just take a look at our own website. That's right, we use it ourselves! There is no point in providing you with a solution for your business if we can't justify its usage.

Content Management System Features & Benefits

The content management system has many features and benefits to help enhance your company's website. You can choose to select all the features mentioned or simply select a subset of these, which will benefit your company's requirements.

Access From Anywhere

Our content management system is entirely web based, which means that you can log in to the system from anywhere in the world using a web browser. This means that you can configure your website from an Internet cafe while you are on holiday!


Security is a big concern on the Internet and therefore we have paid great attention to the need for security while developing our system. Logging into the system requires use of a username and password. This password is encrypted so even if it is somehow obtained, it cannot be read by the human eye.

Not only do you need a username and password, you also need to verify a string of text within a human-only readable format. The text is generated randomly each time the login page is accessed.

The reason behind this is to stop automated password cracking programs. Such programs repeatedly load up the web page and use a different username-password combination each time to try and gain access. These username and passwords are generated automatically by such programs, often from a dictionary of well know username and passwords. As the text that must be verified to login changes each time, the password cracking program will fail to run as it will not be able to know what that string of text will be each time it makes a hack attempt. As the text is only readable by humans, then a computer program cannot read the text on the page during each attempt at cracking the password.


Using our content management system you can let your customers know about your company's latest news. You can add, edit and remove news items as you wish.

Within our news feature we can provide you with an RSS (Rich Site Summary) news feed generator. The RSS generator will gather your site's ten latest news items and insert them into an RSS feed, which will allow other websites to publish these ten news items. This can therefore provide your site with a means of free advertising. Not only can other websites subscribe to these RSS feeds, but some email clients now allow RSS news feeds to be downloaded directly to their inboxes. This means that your customers can keep up to date with your site's news without even visiting your website! There are also a whole host of programs available for reading RSS feeds and more and more are being developed all the time. RSS is relatively new and is set to be a technology of the future for delivering news to people all over the world.


Our content management system can also provide you with a way of creating articles for your website. Creating new articles can help to keep your customers interested in your website.


It is possible to let your customers know about different events. You may, for example, wish to let people know when a particular conference is being held, or when a particular product is going to be released by your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like us and many other companies, you probably get asked a whole host of questions repeatedly by different customers. To solve this problem you can create FAQ's for your site which customers can consult before consulting you.

Images, Text Style and URLS

Within news, articles, events and FAQ's, it is possible to control the style of the text and also insert both URL's and images into the articles. This helps to give your content a unique look and feel.


With the content management systems downloads feature you can provide files for you customers, which they can obtain directly from your website.

Image Gallery

If you have lots of images that you want to be displayed, then our image gallery can help you with that. You may have noticed that pages on some websites containing thumb nails load extremely slowly. This is because they ship the full size image to your web browser, rather than a small thumbnail image. We solve this problem by dynamically resizing the image on the server. This results in a much smaller image size, which can be quickly transferred over the Internet to your web browser.

This image resizing feature is not just done within the image gallery, but within all aspects of the content management system where images need to be resized.

User Configuration

Our content management system would not be complete without control over access to all areas of your website. There are varying access levels available which can be used to state which user can view which content. You can create users yourself, or even let visitors sign up to your site and add themselves as a user. There access level will be set to a restricted level which you can then alter for them if you wish to do so.

The Technology

All web pages are developed using the latest web technologies:


We have developed numerous bespoke and easy to deploy CMS systems. Today, almost every site that we develop is either fully or partly content managed.

For access to example systems contact us.

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